Wedding Bells A & R

Reason #2 (and there will be many more) that I love second shooting at weddings: After spending time capturing the most emotional and treasured moments in a couple’s life, I get to leave the hard work of editing and narrowing down hundreds of shots to the big guns (go Lance!) and I get to pick my favorites and edit like it was MY wedding. And for me that means lots and lots of Black and Whites…

…and pictures of accessories.  I live for accessories.

…and random things that catch my eye. This ruffle makes me gasp.

And really, wouldn’t you be a bride everyday if you could? (I mean, not including the whole, getting-married-repeatedly thing–but just the getting-gorgeous part)

I really do love to tell the bride’s story.

And who can forget the flowers.  There must be many pictures of those…so vivid, you could smell them.

There she is, a few steps away from the rest of her life. Thank you  for letting me share in this sweet, sweet time. Congratulations!


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