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  • Savoring life’s sweetness…one photo at a time.

    Welcome to the blog-site of Sugar Bean Photography. Here you’ll find a collection of images that make me feel the way that only buttercream frosting and strawberry lemonade can. These are tiny bites of my life and perhaps yours-- frozen moments made to pause and savor. It is a great pleasure to share this enjoyment with others through my photography. Take a look around, have a taste and contact me to capture some sweetness of your own.

One year of Scrumptious

I couldn’t do anything but grin and chuckle going through these images. This little nugget is just so special.

She is loved by a beautiful family that is dear to mine.  How gorgeous are these babes…the kids are pretty cute too ;).

She’s a thoughtful sweetie, and only laughs when she really thinks its funny.

Thankfully, I’m hilarious ;).

The willows and the curls were just a match made in heaven.

And then there was the tutu and the cupcake…which you’ll never see, because she devoured it…fast.

What’s left of it…

You scrumptious little angel, you brightened my day.  May your life be filled with as much light. Happy 1st Birthday!  xoxo


Beach Beauties: The M Family

I’m blessed to share in the love this family has, as they are a part of mine.  It was a gift to observe and capture the happiness and genuine joy they have together.

This cutie is ever-camera-ready.  That grin is the real deal.

Darling girl, the first and oldest in a group of 8 cousins who are different in many ways, but part of a larger family that loves deeply.

Nothing like sisterly love.  They take such care of each other.

My cousin’s a beauty isn’t she?  I’ve watch her example since I was these girls’ age.  She mothers her daughters with great wisdom and grace.  I still want to be like you when I grow up.

These girls have a really fun Daddy…you have no idea.

I love this love.  We’ve both been married 10 years this year. It’s a joy to see such unconditional , unabashed love and commitment. You two make me blush.

Thank you for sharing this time with me,  family.  I look forward to many shared memories to come.


Beach Beauties: The K Family

Isn’t it weird to watch the boys in your family turn into men??  The ones who pushed you into pools and played practical jokes, and were always trying some dangerous stunt to get the grown-ups all worked up.  It’s pretty spectacular to watch those boys mature into men who love their wives sacrificially, raise their children intentionally, work tirelessly.   The man of this family is definitely one of those.

You’re awesome cousin.  Thank you for bringing your beautiful lady and those amazing boys into all of our lives. You make me proud to share your genes :). xoxo


Ready, set…SCHOOL

All over the country, Mamas and Dads are kicking back and settling in to enjoy the peace and quiet of what may be their Christmas-equivalent. It’s the first day of school!!!  Knapsacks are packed, lunches are made, pictures are posted and little chikadees have been entrusted to who may as well be angels. Exhale, my friends.  You made it.  Now begins a special new journey.  But for now, let’s hear it for this cute little carrot-top for bringing in the new school year with the most adorableness possible.

Happy first day Cutie Pie!  And may you and all the children learn and laugh lots and lots.


One year of delicious

This sweet little peanut has no idea how her Mama and Daddy prayed for her to become a part of their world…but I do.

As the Father knit her together, He knew just how much those eyes would melt her Daddies heart…

… and just the right amount of charm to get her out of trouble.

He shaped each of those toes just for her amazement and wonder.

He made her fiesty and brave.

And He made her sweet, like cupcakes.

Enjoy Little One.  May your year be filled with joy, and laughter and all the sweetness you can handle.

Kate - August 14, 2013 - 1:27 pm

I can’t believe how much she looks like her big sis! Absolutey adorable!!!