A little bit about me…

My name is Sabrine, and my cup of blessings  overflows.   My college sweetheart, turned husband-of-the-millennium,  and I are raising 4 yummy kiddos under 7.  Most days my life looks like an amateur juggling act…lots of balls in the air, lots of stuff hitting the floor.

My friends know me as an artist and much of my life has been spent making beautiful things or making things beautiful (at least that’s how I see it).   I realized a few years ago that this stage of my life (and my family-life) does not easily allow for supplies that can be smeared on walls. My art started to feel like work. And that was not working. Creativity is like my CO2. If its not coming out of me, its liable to make me crazy–and the people around me. My search for an outlet had me dusting off my old SLR, and not so long after, a love affair began.

Photography was just supposed to keep me warm, to keep me seeing and noticing and making things beautiful, while me and my charcoals were on a break. Go figure, now we’re in a very real relationship. It’s been good to me, and I’m working hard to give it the attention it deserves. I’m loving every minute of it.

I also love desserts. I feel like I deserve one, after every meal. My mommy calls them delicacies–prepared to be eaten slowly and with intention. As a kiddo, my sis and I would “compete” to be the last to finish whatever treat we had. We’d sit at the table for what seemed like hours, taking the tiniest bites possible. Savoring. Every. Bite.

Life used to be like that too. There was time to stop and notice, and savor the sweet things. These days though, there’s less time, there are longer lists, more demands, unending distractions and greater expectations. All the other flavors of life seem to overpower the sweetness.

         “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.” Psalm 34:8

Photography helps awaken those taste buds.  Just when I’ve all but forgotten my blessings, and can only taste the bitter or the tart, a photo reminds me of the sugar-covered details that have been drowned out by grocery lists and piles of laundry. It’s giving me a chance to savor, if only for a few moments. I am so thankful for this gift. You know what’s  more delicious?  Sharing it.


Props (aka “acknowledgments”)…

I hemmed and hawed for a good while about whether or not to take this leap.  Kelly, I owe you so much more than Chik-Fil-A and diet soda for answering oh-so-many questions, and generously helping me take this thing to the next level.    A real life inspiration you are.  A gift.  Krissy, what a talent?!   I am in awe of  your skillz and equally impressed by your kindness.  Thanks for all you’ve done to help make me “official”.  Lance thank you for seeing my potential, and investing in it.  Thanks to my sister-friend Jen for introducing me to this awesome art-form so many years ago.  I couldn’t have imagined being here.   There are still others who have influenced my work and my decisions and I am grateful. It is a wonderful thing to be in a community of artists and dreamers  with which to collaborate  and by which to be inspired.

I suppose there’s more to know and learn about me,  so I guess you’ll have to stick around.

But today, there’s SO much to be thankful for.  Blessings…delicious.

Ife and akhi - September 8, 2013 - 9:19 am

Hey Sabrine.

Are you available for an engagement ceremony and vow renewal on May 29th and May 31st respectively? My wife, Ife, and I got married this past May, but we only invited our immediate families. In May 2014 we are having a vow renewal for all the people who couldn’t make it the first time. My wife is Nigerian, and there is typically a traditional engagement ceremony that takes place before the wedding. We didn’t have one this year, so we are doing that as well in 2014.

We heard about your website from Senayt and Wes. We know Senayt from Georgetown, and we’ve gotten to know Wes through Senayt. Senayt raved about your work and, based on the website, we couldn’t agree more.

Hope everything is going well.

Ife and Akhi

Mia L. Jones - January 24, 2016 - 10:17 pm

Hi Sabrine!
My fiancé and I are looking for a good spirited photographer for our wedding day June 19, 2016. What are your rates? I’ve met you before back in the day at Wash U through your sister Liz. I remember you being nice and would like to work with you on our wedding day. Thanks and hope to talk to you soon!

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