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    Welcome to the blog-site of Sugar Bean Photography. Here you’ll find a collection of images that make me feel the way that only buttercream frosting and strawberry lemonade can. These are tiny bites of my life and perhaps yours-- frozen moments made to pause and savor. It is a great pleasure to share this enjoyment with others through my photography. Take a look around, have a taste and contact me to capture some sweetness of your own.

fall mini-sessions

oh. my. goodness.

Has it really been an entire year since my last entry??  Ridiculous.  I hope you’ve kept up with the eye-dessert on the Sugar Bean facebook page. I plan to catch up here, during the slow-season so you can get taste of all the beauty and joy I’ve been blessed to capture in 2015.  But until then…its Fall Mini Session time!  You can feel it in the crisp morning air and before you know it, the leaves will be changing color.

Enjoy a little browse of some of last year’s fall sessions below…then contact me to book your session today.

Don’t miss out on your own sweetness this fall!

Abby Beedy - December 23, 2015 - 5:21 pm

Hi Sabrine,
We are expecting our 3rd child in mid Feb and was wondering if you would be available for newborn photos and what is price per session. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Abby Beedy

Wedding Bells: A & I

This darling couple celebrated their union in perfect style.  By the end of the day I wished I was a guest instead so I could  join in on the ridiculously fun time.  The day was filled with so much emotion.  This couple is so loved and respected.  I’ve never seen groomsmen need so many tissues…or so many coordinated dance numbers…or a mother of the groom with moves like Jagger.  It was a celebration, indeed.


My Buddy, Kid Sister

What a special gift this sharp little lady and gent are to their dear Mama.  This shoot was a gift from a friend who knew the impact these images could have on her.

Big Guy was not initially thrilled about the pink in his wardrobe.  But then he got a glimpse of just how fly he looked. Little Mama knew she was hot stuff.

His face says exactly how he feels about this moment.

I absolutely love this one.  Can’t say exactly why, but I do.

He knew exactly how to get her going.
We decided to change up the scenery a bit and move from an urban to a green setting.

Real joy.

She is actually tickling herself.  This is happening.

The cuties were SO excited to surprise Mama with flowers as she met us on our shoot.  She was thrilled.

What a lucky bunch they are.  So special.